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    We provide a fully inclusive Lasting Power of Attorney service.
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The Power of Attorney Service - Home Visits Included
We provide a fully inclusive Lasting Power of Attorney service.

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney ?

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document that allows one person (called the 'Donor') to appoint another person (called their 'Attorney') to act in their place and to administer their affairs in circumstances in which  they're unable to act for themselves.


A person can choose as many people as they wish to act as their Attorneys, although usually just two or three Attorneys are appointed for practical reasons. To be valid LPA Forms need to be both Certified (by an independent 'Certificate Provider') and Registered (by the 'Office of the Public Guardian') before an Attorney can legally use them.

We take a lot of things for granted. Such as the ability to continually take decisions for ourselves and to be able to manage our day-to-day affairs. But fate is fickle, to which the thousands of people currently being cared for in our hospitals are testimony. FACT: There were over 760,000 emergency admissions to hospitals across London between April 2011-March 2012!


We also take for granted that if our spouse, partner or parent were the ones requiring our help as a result of a serious accident or illness that the law would work to allow this.  HOWEVER, WITHOUT PLANNING THIS SIMPLY WON'T BE THE CASE!

Under the law in England & Wales the State, through the Court of Protection, AUTOMATICALLY assumes control of a person's affairs by default if they lose mental capacity without having previously drafted or registered LPA Forms. The fact that the person may be married, or have adult children who could otherwise assist them, doesn't matter.
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